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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Spring Cleaning

Thursday, March 07, 2013
Let’s hope the frigid temperatures we have had this winter are almost over. It 's time to get your yard ready for spring. Late winter and early spring is the perfect time to get one more pruning done before the plants have their spring flush of leaves. Plus, most of the leaves have fallen off of the trees and they can be removed from the plant beds and lawns. 
There's still time to get the final clean-up done before the daffodils and tulips pop up. The bed edges can be redefined and plant beds can be mulched. Fresh mulch or pine straw not only greatly enhances the curb appeal of a residence or property, but it suppresses weed growth as the weeds start to sprout in the spring. Mulch also improves soil quality as it breaks down and becomes part of the planting bed, and it helps to lessen water use as it reduces evaporation, thus leaving more water in the soil.  
Please give us a call now to schedule your Spring Cleaning early, and have a fresh new yard in time to welcome the daffodils.

Fall Maintenance Tips

Sunday, September 19, 2010
Cool nights and breezy days mean fall is just around the corner, and it's prime time to do some serious maintenance.
Late September and early October provide the perfect weather for seeding your lawn, which is particularly important after this harsh summer we've had. If your yard is full of dead, dry grass, give us a call so we can properly prepare the soil and seed or sod your lawn. We can even talk with you about warm season grasses, which are much tougher in the heat and can be installed in the Spring.  With our help, you'll have lush green grass in no time.
If you've already seeded, don't forget the importance of fall maintenance. Keep your yard free of fallen leaves to allow optimum rooting and growth for your new grass throughout the fall, allowing it to better sustain through the winter and stay bright for spring. Proper maintenance is essential and regular blowing and clean-up can make all the difference. Oak City Landscaping is available for yearly yard maintenance contracts. Or, if you just need us to come out and take care of that hefty fall cover, we can do that too. A little clean-up can go a long way!
Tips for fall:
1 - Seed between now and Thanksgiving, to provide time for grass to root in and grow tall before the nights get too cold.
2 - Don't forget to keep your new seed damp and allow it time to grow over the next few weeks as our days get cooler.
3 - Clear leaves and debris to allow air movement and sunshine to reach every blade of grass. 
As always, I am available for questions, and look forward to helping you make your yard the best it can be.
Andrew Plunkett
Oak City Landscaping, LLC

The best ways to keep your landscape watered.

Friday, July 09, 2010
Installing an automatic irrigation system is the most environmentally friendly way to keep your landscape looking lush and healthy. We can install an irrigation system appropriate for your property, or we can water on a regular schedule using our city’s bulk reclaimed water to guarantee your landscape stays beautiful.