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Thursday, August 16, 2018


A walkway can lead you to a favorite reading spot. A patio can bring family gatherings to life. Together, we can create your perfect oasis.
Andrew Plunkett is the head landscape designer at Oak City Landscaping. He is a graduate of the landscape design program at NC State University, and has extensive knowledge of local horticulture. He will work with you to analyze your existing landscape, and construct a sound design which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. His well-rounded and realistic approach will leave you with a landscape design that accounts for natural surroundings, plantings, hardscapes, and lighting, as well as your budget for installation. He has a great understanding of how to project what is needed in a landscape in order to suit the surrounding environment and those who live among it.
Once you are satisfied with your landscape design, Oak City Landscaping will provide you with installation as well, to be sure the project meets your needs from start to finish. We can also follow up with regular maintenance, as outlined on our maintenance page.